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Friday, February 22, 2008

Handy Weather updated!

handy weather (epocware) has been updated:

1. screensaver (powersaver) now respects the "units" preferences (used to only display weather with temp in Celsius, now works in Fahrenheit properly)

2. Maps. yup, maps. but strangely the maps don't update automatically (why?) with the rest of the weather data. and the maps are not animated nor are they region specific (unless you count "?europe" or "north america" as proper regional quanta).

and missing countries? what happened to serbia? i used to have belgrade, serbia in my cities/countries, but now i can't select serbia as a country. nor can i pick a new location via GPS coordinates (i THINK i did this in the past, correct me if i'm wrong...).

perhaps the countries/cities have been reduced due to a change in the upstream weather service provider? it's sad - but at least i can now get a good idea of the temp for tomorrow (without doubling, reducing by 10%, then adding 32).

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